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“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

[Etε: r]. Aether  / Ancient Greek Αἰθήρ/ Aithếr / from αἴθω / aíthô  “burn” / spiritus aethereus / aithêr (« Pure Air, Aether ») (Encyclop. and Encyclop. Brit., Sv ether).

II.− [Speaking of a chemically defined body]

[CHEMISTRY] Very volatile spirit obtained by distilling a mixed acid with alcohol.

[MEDICINE] colourless liquid with a characteristic odour, used in industry as a solvent and in medicine as an antispasmodic, antiseptic and anaesthetic.

In particular. (Ether used as a narcotic) You will need some preparation, that is to say a certain habit, to feel in all their completeness the singular effects of ether (…) different from the effects of hashish, the effects of opium and morphine (Guy Maupassant. Tales and news., vol. 2, Dreams, 1882). Compound. Addicted to ether, substitute. Masculine. Whoever makes use of ether as a narcotic. « A veritable atmosphere of mass hysteria amongst epileptics and ether addicts » (Huysmans, Là-bas, t. 2, 1891)


Whence come these ethereal potions? New library of scents, aether is a chemical reaction that “fires” the imagination and heals hearts disappointed by too much bottled up conformity and by the realistic tropism of perfumery. A contemporary pharmacopeia for adventurous souls in search of surprise, dazzle, as well as creation.

Aether is a tribute by its creators to synthetic molecules and the frenzy of chemistry. Olfactory kamikaze, elementary molecules explode each of the perfumes into a bizarre abstraction, a beautiful stranger. The nose, which clings to no known ingredient is first caught by surprise and then submits to pure emotion. Sometimes a shimmering bubble and sometimes dazzling beauty, the molecule – this almost-nothing in infinity – is the sacred young muse of the collection.

Lionel Pailles –

Journalist, author, fragrance specialist, . Author of a book on the synthetic molecules in perfumery (“Esprit de Synthèse”, Ed. de l’Epure).

The Photographer

Dmitry Komissarenko (Ukrainian) is a contemporary photographer whose work centers around portraiture and erotica.

Along with his work as a photographer, Komissarenko is the founder and chief editor of the fanzine NVRMIND paper.

The artist’s work can be seen in publications worldwide, including L’Officiel Hommes Ukraine (cover story, September 2017), L’Officiel Hommes Kazakhstan, Vogue Ukraine, Playboy Ukraine (cover story, March 2020), Design Scene, Male Model Scene, Adon, Kaltblut, Behind The Blinds, CAP 74024, and others.


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